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OC Meme

Tue Nov 21, 2017, 4:44 AM

Copy this into your Meme..
Tagged by :iconthekikkakibaz:

-Choose 10 of your OC's
-Answer the questions
-Then tag 3 people


(I added some of the extra numbers into the question to involve the 10 of my OC’s, sorry to my other OC’s)

1. Kaede

2. Siya

3. Aki

4. Iya

5. Azami

6. Kiki

7. Daichi

8. Ame

9. Chidori

10. Ryo


    1.)    3, 7, 4, 9 and 10 go ice skating. What happens?

Aki speeds around the rink pretending not to know the others.
Iya sighs she wanted a few days away from the rink she spends her time practicing her figure skating (that's right Iya's looking to go professional and she's a brat about it :D)
Daichi, Chidori  and Ryo spent the first half hour laughing about the need to put on Ice Skates after all they have magical powers

    2.)    Its Christmas!!! 5 throws a Christmas party and invites three people of choice. Who does he/she invite? What happens?
Azami invited Siya, Kiki and Iya. Siya spend a lot of time signing with Azami only to be interrupted as Siya and Iya start bickering and fighting.


    3.)    6 catches 2 dancing/singing to the 'spice girls'. What's 6's reaction?
Kiki doesn't know whether to laugh or cry as she watches Siya dancing to the spice girls (which had started playing in the background) as she clears the tables at work.


    4.)    1, 5 and 10 are stuck in a janitor's closet. How the crap did they get in there?
Funnily enough its was all Aki's fault he convinced Keade that the Lion Witch in the Wardrobe was real and the janitor's closet would teleport her to another realm. As for Azami and Ryo well Azami had been trying to hide from some bullies where Ryo discovered her after having taken a wrong turn on the way to the picking up Emiko from school. (Please don't ask why he was picking up Emiko I have no idea what he was even doing in the mortal realm I have no control over the crazies)


    5.)    4 confesses his/her love for 2. What happens?

(This is what happens when you just put numbers beside your OC without checking the questions, well here goes)
Iya stands before Siya blushing without thought she had blurted out her feelings for Siya.
Siya briefly covered her lips confused she stared at Iya and realised it had taken a lot of courage to confess not only her feelings but that her feelings had been for another girl.
"I'm sorry Iya, I'm already seeing someone." Siya replied
Mortified Iya runs off (Crying  Poor Iya) 

    6.)    3 walks in to see 6 and 7 making out in 3's closet.. What is their reactions?

Their married who cares but why they're in Aki's closet, (who knows) in disgusted Aki slams the door closed.

    7.)    2 and 5 have an argument that soon turns into a fist fight. How did it start? And How does 8 try to break it up?

Shrug Not sure how they where having an argument since Siya doesn't know sign language but if they where fighting Kaede would end up knocked out because she literally put herself between them (watch out for the fistsBoxer fella (Sports) , oh never mind)  

    8.)    6 and 7 are getting married! But 1 is in love with 7. What does 1 do?
Icon - 028 Jean (Pfft-) They're getting married again what happened the first time round :lol: Kaede just cries she knows she can't go up against Kiki directly and not get physically hurt.


    9.)    You hear a knock on your door. You open it to see every one of your OC's bursting in to your home. What do you do?

Shock Faint Faint 3 

    10.) 2 admits to you that he/she killed 1. What do you do?
Wonder why she killed her in the first place.


    11.)   Everyone gathers for movie night. What movie do they watch and what goes on?

 A fight no one can decide to watch.

    12.)  4 and 5 have a karaoke contest. What happens? Who wins?

Azame can't sing and Kiki was to busy drinking in the corner.


    13.)     If you could meet any of your OC's, who would you choose?

None of these crazies I'd pick Emiko


    14.) All your Oc’s go to the zoo for the day. What nonsense do they get into?
be doo be doo be doo Warning You Are Now All In Dangerbe doo be doo be doo 
Dangerous Creatures Are On The Loose (Oh the animals to :lol:)


    15.)    7, 1, 9 and 4 see a rainbow and decide to try and find the leprechaun with the pot of gold. Do they succeed in their mission?
Nope Iya kept whining and didn't want to walk anymore.


    16.) 1 and 2 are stuck in Australia somehow. How do they get out?... Or do they?
What the hell are they doing in Australia? Hope they remembered their passports because I'm not paying to send them over!


    17.)  5 discovers 7 drawing a Yaoi picture of 5 and 1. What does 5 do?
Umm awkward!
(Seriously I should've checked the number placements first)


    18.)  1 through to 8 go to a Lady Gaga concert. What happens?
Nope it would never happen!


    19.)  Everyone is mad at you! What did you do? How will you get them to forgive you?
They're always mad at me! As to what I did they never need an excuse to get on my case.
Forgiveness no way they hold grudges then again so can I :wink 


    20.) 4 and 3 play a prank on 10. What do they do?

 I'm not sure I want to know, the consequences of pranking a dragon God are never good.

21.) Now that this Meme is over, what will you all do?
Get back to drawing :D

I'll tag :iconshana-1: :icondarkdraws454: :iconhimawaricutebear:

(You don't have to do I just didn't know who to tag this time :D)

Journal skin design by:HaruRyomaru86

Contest (Not Mine)

Thu Nov 16, 2017, 7:51 AM

:iconshana-1: Is holding a contest if you have time please check it out

Journal skin design by:HaruRyomaru86

Contest (Not Mine)

Mon Oct 16, 2017, 8:05 AM

:iconchibiyvi: and :iconsweetybat: is holding a contest if you have time go check out their awesome art

Journal skin design art by:HaruRyomaru86


(A Daichi and Kiki WIP.)
To be in your arms again
Kiki and Daichi wip by HaruRyomaru86
Wasn't sure if to do this one digital or traditional but this is what I'm currently working on in-between finishing last few prizes and contest entries :D

Currently working on....


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